Memory Objects

A contextual record and recall system for user to record and recall moments with objects

Mentor: Michael Nitsche

When we are looking at seemingly familiar objects, we may be curious about such things like what has happened to this object and what was the context. However, the object itself has no way to store all the information as a part of digital data ( such as photo, video, and text), which means that we need to have other medium at the same time. To help people associate memories with objects and to help them retrieve memories in the future, my project explores how to associate contextual data to the physical objects. By building an adaptable module attached to the object, we are able to achieve the association. The module would hide in the middle of interaction process between users and objects,and the module can be triggered once a presetted action is made. Additionally, my project aims to store these memories by different contexts and to make the recall process spontaneous.

Current Status: Early prototype


Design process

Fall 2015

Spring 2015


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DWIG Group at Georgia tech

Michael Nitsche (director of DWIG group)

Chester (Chong) Guo

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