Project Overview

Michael Nitsche (Chair), Carl DiSalvo, Ellen Do

Balance is an Android application that helps people track and manage their nutrition while they shop for groceries.

Balance fulfills a gap in the application market that I believe is a failing point in many Americans’ nutrition habits: the grocery store. Although many apps already target nutrition and diet management, they are generally meant for use by a single person. While balancing nutrition is difficult for a single person, it becomes even more difficult when users are shopping in order to fulfill the nutritional needs of multiple people.

To fulfill this task, Balance leverages the features of the Android mobile platform (such as camera for scanning, network access, and computation) to allow the user to easily input information. Balance will seek to lighten the cognitive load of users while they shop so they can focus on their preferences and decision-making between items. By abolishing the impossible task of tracking the myriad of nutrients from the shopping process, Balance makes it easier for users to focus on buying items that are better for their overall health.