Get ready to Dominate

A player first must create an account to play the game through either their phone or the website (link to HTML5 version).

Using Your Android

While using the Android phone, a player essentially takes on the role of the foot soldier – moving to the front lines and actually making the attack upon the enemy forces. The player must locate each of the buildings belonging to other players and attack them through a GPS hotspot that allows them to check in and then perform an action in order to deplete the health of the building and ultimately capture it. Each building will have a health gauge corresponding to the number of hours remaining until the building falls to an enemy. If the building's HP in hours runs out, the player loses all future experience points being gained by that building and the building now belongs to the enemy with full health. picture of one of us using the application outside

Using the Web

Utilizing the website, the player is more like the General of the Army – viewing the whole playfield, gathering intelligence about the enemy, and planning moves to make when on the go. The HTML5 web interface allows the player to view statistics about the game and about other players, to view the whole map and see which player owns which buildings, as well as allows them manage their own empire by upgrading their buildings and strengthening their power. picture of the same person planning their next move in the library or something
Click to play the game.