The Test

Running the test

Right now the test is running at 10th and home. It is really hard to get people signup up and then actually participate actively. I have to remind people a lot and push pretty hard to get some activity. Of course this also says a lot about the project and gives me enough information to think about. Still, I wish it would go a little smoother and more people would have signed up/participated.


The application will be tested at 10th and home aka the Georgia Tech dorms. The reason for this is that there live quite a lot of people here, the usually don’t have meal plans, they have their own kitchen but most of all, they do not necessarily talk all that much to each other. In asking some¬†preliminary¬†questions to people living at 10th and home many admitted not really knowing who their neighbor was. 10th and home seems like a perfect testing location.


Early February I started going door to door to find participants. It was pretty brutal. Not that many people were immediately interested, though luckily a few were! I was also lucky to have met a fellow Fulbright scholar who mentioned a Monday meeting with the people in the building. I will have a coffee with her ASAP so we can discuss this further. Hopefully I will be able to present during this meeting and gain some more participants.

Getting ready to go to the dorms:

photo (2)


Result after the 1st brutal door to door session at 10th and home, data is made anonymous super professionally as you can see:

photo (1)