Having a catch with dad is an interface for interactive performance. At the fall of 2013, Students from georgia tech collaborated to mix the idea of craft, memory, and choreography. The interactive ball is developed to stimulate and augment the dancer's movement during improvised performance.


The dancer's force to the ball triggers different sounds to be played evoking scenes of memories, which would affect the dancer's choreograph. The performance happened as 4 interactive scenes of 5 minutes. The dancer started unaware of the interactions but gradually learned through his performance.

Memory, Craft, and Choreography


Memory is a narrative dealing with issues of the past, present, and future. From this project, a memory from a father is the main drive. Sound that are related to one's father composes the scene.


The idea of craft is engagement. Craft blurs the boundary between subject and object. Through performance and bodily interaction with the object, one(subject) shapes and configures the virtual object. Thus, the object becomes relative to the subject through craft.


Choreography is bodily engagement and interaction.