The interface is covered with soft material: cotton, to provide softness and malleable interaction. The electronics are held inside of a hard casing so it can endure with physical activities such as throwing, squeezing, and shaking.


The hardware includes a microcontroller, x-bee wireless module, a flex sensor, gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The flex sensor is used to detect squeezing. The gyroscope senses the direction and angle the ball is held. The accelerometer reacts with shaking and throwing of the interface. The x-bee sends the sensor data to the computer wirelessly. The microcontroller controlls the activity of the sensor and wirelss module and is powered by a 9v battery.


The dancer's force to the ball triggers different sounds to be played evoking scenes of memories, which would affect the dancer's choreograph. The sensor data collected from the sensors are sent to the computer wirelessly and triggers different sounds to be played from the library. Sounds are categorized by scenes, and only the sounds from the active scene will be played.