The toolkit will include materials and practice exercises designed to introduce users to several basic functions of a programmable microcontroller (likely an Arduino). Additionally, the kit will include support (but not direct instruction) for a simple project directly related to the user’s specific craft or skill area.

How will the kit differ from the current Arduino kits that are commercially available?

  • hand_gemma_frontMore emphasis on verbal instructions and availability of written instructions and recovery instructions[1]
  • Decreasing the number of steps necessary to complete a project[2]
  • Opportunities for low-stakes practice.[3]
  • Less emphasis on navigating computer interfaces with a mouse (typing simple variable changes in an Arduino sketch might be more “natural” than a drag-and-drop interface like Scratch or ModKit)
  • Physical modifications to hardware (blackbox cover for Arduino or use of ModKit’s “crimp card” technique to avoid soldering or other delicate processes)

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