About PowerPuppet

Puppetry as an expressive art form is over 4000 years old and - just like any other artistic format - has adapted to various technologies and practices. PowerPuppet builds on this rich tradition as it proposes puppetbuilding as a means to educate Middleschool students in basic electronics and rapid prototyping techniques.

We designed different puppet construction kits that combine digital crafts and materials, such as conductive thread, copper tape, and basic circuit building skills with mechanical puppet construction that includes construction and manipulation of simple puppets. The goal is to support a combined understanding for students in both areas as they build these puppets. The project covers multiple Learning Objectives for Middleschool education and teaches them in combination.
Every puppet's function is ultimately tested in its final performance. Students are encouraged not only to build the puppets but also to play with them.
We are grateful for the advice we receive for the project from the Center for Puppetry Arts here in Atlanta.
More information about the project and the results is in the media section.