Graphical User Interface

This interface displays an arial view of assets placed in a scene and displays feedback about violations of the cinematic canon to aid amateur filmmakers.

Whereas Moviesandbox renderes the scene from the the camera’s point of view, the GUI displays an overhead view of all cameras placed in the scene. This view visualizes spatial placement to provide a context for editing decisions regarding the location of currently selected cameras. Like Moviesandbox, this GUI receives coordinates from the finger tracking program and updates the position of assets in real time.

The GUI also displays feedback in real time as the intelligent agent detects temporal and spatial violations of the cinematic canon.

With the implementation of playback controls, the GUI will also display a timeline that indicates which camera has control at any point in time. We are experimenting with different interfaces that allow users to toggle between views for completing focused tasks at a point in time, and for assessing an overview of the constructed scene so far.

capabilities: Arial viewing, rule detection and feedback

Built using: Processing