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Futuristic Painting in Action

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

This project provides a collaborating experience, where performer and audiences will work together using their body as an expressive tool to create dynamic paintings. On one hand, the performer will be dancing on the stage while painting positive shapes. A kinect will be recognizing and recording the performances movements so that the performer could use his/her full body as paint brush to paint on the screen. The paint action itself will be recorded and animated. On the other hand, the participants will also paint in front of the dancer to “erase” and paint over with negative shapes. Together, the dancer and the participants create a dynamic painting with their shadows interacting with each other.

The audiences will be participating with the creation of the dynamic painting by revisiting and modifying the dancer’s movements. It’s very interactive and illuminating in the night .

Here’s the video prototype of the project: