meeting notes 1/19

January 20th, 2011 By Michael Nitsche

Welcome to the new round

below the mainly administrative tasks discussed today in the meeting

(Laura + Matt)
– show author
– add “older post” + “newer post”
– add blog roll
– add admin login on front
– visual consistency (size of images)
– include video (embedded)

catch up from last term:
– the duck video (combine Nick + Andy’s footage) (assembly in 2 weeks)
– the Atlantic station site (make a catalogue) (Blacki visuals; RR text)

read: Kester chap 2
write the domestic performance (action, space, objects, audience?, time, lights ….)

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  1. Laura Fries Says:

    Blog templates have been edited to show author.

    Navigation to next/previous posts added.

    Navigation to older posts added.

    The blog roll and the admin login are present in the current theme.

    Not sure what “include video” means.

    My suggestion for visual consistency would be to require students to post with consistent image widths in the future.

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