scheduling “thing” production

November 3rd, 2011 By Michael Nitsche


1) Kinect sensor
recognize motion activity in a certain square
– can we adjust the level of detection per square?
– how many kids?
– do we get constant garble from the lowest row?
– how to deal with the height/ width of the final performance area

question: do we need some visual feedback for which square you trigger?

FK: Nov 16

video format? can we make sure we get certain data limitations?
are kids making own content or collection from the web?
should we give them a cheat sheet to do the movies the way we want them?

2) Media playback
– when you get a message you play a data (any kind: sound, video, graphics) that you pull from a folder
– we fade out after 10 sec OR when the media is done
– we want dynamic mapping
– idea: can we play all media all the time and just change visibility?

XACN: Nov 16

give us a tech spec for the data

3) combined piece

DUE Nov 30

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